The thermal images are beïng used in various types of expositions, a few examples over the years.

Ontdek het onzichtbare heelal” Infrared photocontest by Nemo, Amsterdam, several images made by World of Warmth, 2009.

2006 Expo “Opgewekt” at NDSM-werf Amsterdam

Blijdorp, a great Rotterdam Zoo featured a walk about thermoregulation, HotSpots, showing information panels of various tricks and skills animals use to balance temperature.

Set of images selected for the Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel, which is all about Dinosaurs.

Top-100 of images, used for posterpresentations, covering many topics like sports, housing, clothing, food and ofcourse various animals. Looks like the animals are more in “thermal balance” compared to people.

Panels used for the expo “Energie in Beeld”, a selection of images to explain about the use of energy. The rainbow-pallet was used, combined with a black filter, this gave the images a 3D-effect when watching with Chromadepth glasses.

One of the first collections about Food & Energy, created as HAS Den Bosch , 2005

Frankfurt, Buchmesse 2007