Thermoregulation Strategies Used by Dragonflies

Dragonflies are known for their swift and agile flight, which is largely dependent on their ability to regulate their body temperature. To maintain their optimal body temperature for flight, dragonflies employ a variety of thermoregulation strategies.

  1. Basking in the sun

Dragonflies are ectothermic, which means their body temperature is regulated by external factors, such as sunlight. When a dragonfly’s body temperature drops, it will bask in the sun to warm up. By positioning themselves in a sunny spot, dragonflies can quickly raise their body temperature to a level that allows them to fly and hunt effectively.

  1. Shivering

In cooler weather, dragonflies will use a shivering technique to generate heat. Similar to how mammals shiver to generate warmth, dragonflies can produce small, rapid movements in their wings and thorax muscles to generate heat.

  1. Regulating blood flow

Dragonflies can also regulate their body temperature by controlling the flow of blood to different parts of their body. By redirecting blood flow to areas that need warming, such as the flight muscles, they can raise their body temperature.

  1. Thermoregulatory postures

Dragonflies may also adopt specific thermoregulatory postures to regulate their body temperature. For example, they may raise their wings to expose their thorax to the sun or flatten their bodies to maximize contact with a sunny surface.

  1. Behavioral adaptations

In addition to physiological strategies, dragonflies also make behavioral adaptations to regulate their body temperature. For example, they may alter their activity patterns to avoid periods of high heat or low temperatures. During hot weather, they may become less active during the hottest part of the day and fly more during the cooler hours.


In summary, dragonflies employ a range of strategies to regulate their body temperature, including basking in the sun, shivering, regulating blood flow, adopting thermoregulatory postures, and behavioral adaptations. By effectively regulating their body temperature, dragonflies are able to maintain their agility and hunting abilities, which are critical to their survival.